Alarms & CCTV

ISCL's technical division sells, installs, develops and maintains a wide range of Alarm Systems from residential through to high end security risk.



Mobile Patrols

Vehicle Patrols to check and secure residential and commercial properties.  To responsed to alarm activations. 



Static Guards

On site Security Guards are based at one site or area and can be provided on an on call or permanent basis.



Forestry & Rural

ISCL provide 24/7 Patrol coverage to Forestry, Station, Horticultural, Farms and Country Estates.



Risk Management

Our Company operates in the broad area of 'Risk Management' as well as the more traditional Security services.


Fibre will stop your dialler - How to fix it.  

Ultra Fast Broadband will replace existing copper phone lines with state-of-the-art fibre-optic cable. That's great for your internet experience, but bad news for you alarm dialler.
When you are using fibre, your alarm will need an upgrade. It simply will not work through the fibre-optic network.
Fortunately, we have solutions!
The simplest option is to purchase our fast-fit IP communicator.

This great device is fitted in minutes and removes all traditional 'phone outages' that we have all experienced in the past. Plus, it is completly seperate from the old copper lines and communicates directly to our monitiring station. It could not be easier

Call to register an upgrade, check pricing and more details:

0274 500 004


Q. Why does the alarm not communicate over fibre?

A. Alarm dialler technology has not changed for decades and the sensitive connection to Control room receivers is not compatible with the new fibre equipment.

Q. Is the new IP equipment secure?

A Yes, The signals are sent via a private server network and have a secondary back up server too. The device is powered from your alarm which, of course, has a battery back-up for power outages.

Q. There is obviously a charge, but how can I keep costs down?

A. There is a cost to all security firms to purchase the IP Units and also a monthly service charge through the internet connection. Our price for fitting the unit is $175 and the monthly (additional) monitoring charge is $5.00 - Existing customers may be entitled to an early adopter discount rate.

Q. Can you plug into my home router and monitor that way?

A. There are devices specifically for that method, but since the fibre equipment and router will fail during a power outage, it is not really a good choice. Also if you want to re-arrange your room or plug the router in another socket, you will need more re-wiring to the alarm. so, definitely a bad choice.

If you’re a home or business owner and need your security solutions dealt with once and for all..

Great news - we can resolve your Security issues.   We are "Serious about Security".  We maintain Professional Service Standards at all times.  This committment to service provides our clients with the surety of a 24/7 presence 365 days a year.   We operate at and seek to improve on the highest levels of Industry practices.  We have robust structures, internal processes and procedures designed to maintain the very best service standards for your peace of mind.

"Whether you are looking for mobile, static or event security, a domestic, commercial or industrial process alarm, medical or duress alarm, CCTV system or access control - we are committed to providing you with the right solution.  We can monitor your systems, respond to a change of status or emergency and will be there for you when you need us most".

Services We Provide

  • Alarms and CCTV
  • Mobile Patrols
  • Static Guards
  • Forestry and Rural
  • Risk Management






Independent Security Consultants Limited are certified as Corporate Members.

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Why Work With Us?

  • We provide a continuous 24/7 service
  • We constantly update all of our equipment incorporating the latest in technology
  • We employ and train staff that are committed to crime prevention, deterrence, detection and offender apprehension.

We also assist the NZ Police with Crime Scene Guard Services, NZ Police Custody Staff with Prisoners, Cash Handling, Offsite Secure Data Storage, Civil Defence Response & Support and Offender Prosecutions.