Our Technicians have in excess of 75 years industry experience. Our Senior Technician is also a qualified and currently Registered Electrician. Which in turn allows us to install systems that require specific power and wiring solutions without the need for our clients to employ a separate Electrical Contractor to complete the installation. Our technical services team operates from a purpose equipped building and mobile vehicles. We have a technology showroom in Whakatane.

ISCL service division sells, installs, maintains and develops a wide range of Alarm Systems from residential through to high end use. This includes the installation of Medical and Panic (or duress) Alarm Systems. Residential Alarms (Pet Friendly), Glass Break Detectors, Alarm Code and Touch Screen Panels, Door Switches, Domestic and Commercial Smoke Alarms, Heat Detectors and Outdoor Security Systems. ISCL is experienced in installing and monitoring Environmental Alarm Systems for the control and monitoring of systems such as fire, air quality, temperature, pressure and related activities.

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