Monitoring & Communications

ISCL owns and operates a fully equipped Monitoring and Communications Centre.

Besides Alarm and CCTV monitoring we provide an after-hours call services such as: (Council related) calls directly into the Centre from Kawerau & Opotiki ratepayers and via an Independent Communication Centre for Whakatane ratepayers. We also provide a 24 hour call answering system for some of our clients.

We have found that our clients customers are more reassured to be in touch with a voice, than to leave a message on a machine. This is particularly noticeable after hours (overnight) when what is routine for our clients can feel like a major emergency for your customers. We filter out irrelevant and/or unnecessary calls, contacting the appropriate after-hours duty staff, saving them the hassle of constant inappropriate calls.

ISCL offers clients a choice of monitoring technology including standard "copper line, GSM and internet based IP solutions across all service providers. We can monitor the complete range of alarm systems located anywhere in New Zealand.