Perimeter Detection Systems

ISCL supply and install a wide range of beam (driveway, fence) and outdoor area detection equipment which is also monitored and response is provided by our Patrols in the event of activation.

Driveway beams are most commonly used in rural locations giving the client early warning of someone approaching the property. They protect homes as well as other buildings where an approach may be made to remove equipment, vehicles and fuel.

Area outdoor detection systems operate around buildings, more particularly homes and business properties. These detectors are installed on the basis that it is preferable to have an alarm activation while the intruder is still outside of the home. They are designed to acknowledge pets and bird activity and not activated in those circumstances.

These are often connected to outside lighting, alarm sirens including the "rural blaster" which operates at a sound level significantly higher than domestic and commercial alarms.

® Standard is a high performance wireless gate alarm that sounds an alert in your home whenever a visitor drives or walks through its detection beam.  It uses a proper photo-electric beam, making it more immune to false alarms than PIR based systems.  Never miss a customer or intruder again.


Outdoor Motion Detector